OLAPLEX is a product that has many uses, but for purposes of blonde or bleach processed hair, a colorist will apply it to your hair when you get highlights or color.

The research behind Olaplex was conceptualized by the world’s leading PhD’s in Materials and Chemistry. With this fresh outlook, the two scientists invented the main ingredient for Olaplex, that is both free of silicone or oils. Unlike anything else on the market, Olaplex is a bond multiplier. When we lighten or use chemicals on our hair, we break about 50% of the bonds in the hair, which often results in damaged hair. When you add Olaplex to the lightener, it only breaks 10% of bonds while rebuilding and strengthening broken bonds as it sits on the hair. This gives you and your stylist the freedom and ability to push the hair further without having to compromise the health of your hair.

We all know that coloring hair causes damage. Especially when using bleach (highlights, balayage, ombre or double process). This is because regardless of whether you get highlights (the process of removing color) or color, a colorist needs to “break the bonds” in your hair. This process is damaging. But since OLAPLEX Treatment is a “bond multiplier”, it will multiply and rebuild those bonds, be lessening the damage and leaving the hair stronger and healthier than it would otherwise be.

OLAPLEX has one product for in-home use, OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No. 3. The product is meant for you to “use once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service”. (As we always advise, consult with your colorist before using any hair product).

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